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Riding a bike in Singapore

April 3, 2012 by  
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Have I been taken out by a bus ? [Yes] Has a car overtaken me only to turn left and run me off the road? [Yes] Have I been abused by drivers on the road? As in, “You don’t pay road tax, get off or lost…” [Yes]   “You ride to work?” “Are you mad?” […]

Nathan Lewis’ “Powering the Planet”

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“Powering the Planet” By Nathan S Lewis, Caltech Argyos Professor and professor of Chemistry “The currency of the world is not the dollar, it’s the joule ….   Energy is The Single most important technological challenge facing humanity today. Nothing else in science or technology comes close in comparison. If we don’t invent the nano-widget, if […]

Why Green?

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What does it mean to be Green? What does it mean to be an eco or environmental activist? Why do you buy organic? Why Why ? I guess there are many of us who simply understand that making green organic ecological environmental choices keeps us healthy and if we aren’t healthy then life isn’t worth […]

Climate Change – Making the Difference with Every Little Bite

November 17, 2009 by  
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Earth Egg

This article is about feeling empowered and taking control of Climate Change. To not get disillusioned with the politics and lack of progress with Kyoto or Copenhagen talks but in fact to inspire yourself and all those around you with the profound impact you can make to Climate Change and the ecology of the planet. […]

Rethinking Your (disposable) Coffee Cup

November 12, 2009 by  
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Disposable Art

I am sure like me many of you have visited shops or businesses and were scorned when you were served a beverage in a Styrofoam cup! But you will or may be surprised to know that at this point in time that the scorned Styrofoam cup is in fact the most environmentally friendly choice of […]

Environmental Hero – Willie Smits

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Environmental Hero – Willie Smits You know you’re making an impact when you have had 1156 death threats and counting. Willie Smits is an Environmental Hero for the thousands and thousands of animals he has rescued, cared for and built habitats for, for the thousands of villages and local communities he has saved and brought […]