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Sustainable Hotel Erected in Six Days

November 16, 2010 by  
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Ark Hotel Building construction timelapse 远大可持续建筑 2天建成15层楼 from Differentenergy on Vimeo.

This mesmerizing time-lapse video clip shows the rapid construction of the Ark Hotel in Changsha, China. Its not amazing that this clip has been making the Internet rounds – it is amazing that a 15-story hotel could be erected in just under a week. Theres an even more fantastical element in the tale of this hotel: its builders claim it is an example of sustainable architecture. Which made me think more about first the company, Broad Sustainable Building, and then the people, the construction workers, who actually made this magical feat happen.

via TreeHugger.

Building a green home in Singapore

February 19, 2010 by  
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Impossible? No

A Challenge? You bet!

When I first strted Green Kampong is was because I wanted to share my experiences of building a green home in Singapore.. the site quickly evolved and became so much more and the house too grew from the ground up but not so rapidly.

In this new section I am going to share new technologies and experiences I have had.. Some of the stories will be about our home and others will just be things that I think you all may love.

I am also going to repost some of the old articles from the beginning of this blog just in case you missed them. Enjoy!