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WWF welcomes new legislation to ban trawling in Hong Kong

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Does anyone know if trawling is banned in Singapore waters?

Banning trawling will allow a living habitat of soft corals, sponges and numerous bottom-dwelling creatures on the seabed to regrow — which will in return support numerous seafood species popular among Hong Kong people. Top fisheries scientists have predicted that just five years after the implementation of the trawling ban (and commercial fishing in marine parks), populations of squid and cuttlefish will increase by 35 percent and that of reef fish by 20 percent. Populations of larger fish, such as groupers and croakers, will surge by 40 to 70 percent as well.

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Eating sharks’ fins for Chinese New Year is bad luck

January 31, 2011 by  
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OK, we made that up. But so are dozens of customs that purport to usher prosperity and longevity into our lives.

The fact of the matter is this – sharks’ fins do not add any flavour to your soup – it’s the other ingredients that make the soup taste what it tastes like. Stay away from it, and the whole marine eco-system will thank you for it, and you never know, you might be making your own luck by doing just that.


Singapore is 2nd biggest trader of sharks’ fins.

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Coral crisis part of Thai national agenda

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“We will seriously solve this problem,” Songtham Suksawang said yesterday in his capacity as the head of DNP nationalparks division. Many diving sites at famous marine national parks in the Andaman Sea have been closed to tourists since January 21 after coral bleaching killed a large portion of reefs.

“We will propose zoning for diving attractions,” Songtham said.He added that admissionfee hike and the ceiling on the number of tourists each day might also be used to protect the coral reefs.Songtham was speaking during a brainstorming session on the coralbleaching crisis.

via The Nation Multimedia.