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China Study: City Dwellers Are Greener

January 20, 2011 by  
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It certainly surprised us to find that they didn’t automatically offer plastic grocery bags, and instead ask if you needed to buy from them at 10c each at every supermarket we visited in Shanghai.

Speaking to friends who lived there, however, revealed some skepticism about the green initiatives – e.g. the no-plastic bag movement was monetarily motivated, and the World Expo reduction in air pollution was over as soon as the Expo was.

People who live in the biggest cities are most likely to recycle, volunteer for environmental organizations and participate in other “green” behaviors, found a new study, which surveyed urban dwellers in a variety of Chinese cities.

The study didn’t consider whether city size also affects green living tendencies in other countries. But the choices people make in China are likely to have environmental consequences throughout the world in years to come, said lead researcher Jianguo “Jack” Liu, a sustainability scientist at Michigan State University in East Lansing.

“China is the largest country in the world, it has had the fastest growing economy in the last three decades, and urbanization is growing really fast,” said Liu, who pointed out that China produces more carbon dioxide emissions than any other country. “Anything that happens in China now is affecting the rest of the world.”

via Discovery News